For dog commissions please email to register your interest or for more information. 
In your email please consider including the following to help me get the process rolling quicker - 
• size of painting
• an example of my work you like for colour palette/style
• preference of paper or plyboard 
• your location for shipping quote
• minimum 3 high res images of your dogs head


30.0x30.0cm £495

40.0x40.0cm £580

50.0x50.0cm £695

60.0x60.0cm £780


30.0x40.0cm £550

40.0x50.0cm  £630

50.0x70.0cm  £895

100.0x80.0cm £1600

100.0x150.0cm £1800

These prices are a rough quote and there may be additional charges for bespoke ply canvases or framing. 


 Due to the nature of my work I prefer to do multiple subjects on separate boards - please email for information. 
  Some previous dog heads I have painted below. 


'Try telling him he ain't a king' 30.0x30.0cm 

springer spaniel dog painting on cream background

Springer 60.0x60.0cm

Vizsla dog painting on black background with tones of orange and grey

Vizsla 60.0x60.0cm

Whippet painting with blue tones on white paper background

Ernie on paper 38.0x50.0cm